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Why You Haven’t Produced Enough Music – An Interview With Alex Cowles

As I’ve said in the past (at least to those on my email list), I have a tendency to talk quite a bit, when passionate about something.

After a few minutes, my girlfriend often puts her hand on my shoulder and says something like “that’s enough now Alex.”

Thankfully she wasn’t around when I recorded this podcast with Andrew from Wespin.

I talk about tonnes of good stuff (well… I think so anyway!).


  • self-releasing
  • changing my production alias
  • building email lists
  • music branding tips
  • music distribution

and loooooaaads more.

Andrew runs this brilliant platform for musicians called WeSpin.

It’s growth-training for musicians. If you’re a member, it basically includes an awesome weekly email with very specific and simple growth hacking assignments, exclusive lessons, and worksheets, plus access to the forums, and loads of useful online stuff.

Anyway, you can listen to me talk about all the good stuff (and mention my forthcoming course on successful self-releasing) above in the embedded player and also here:

I have also started testing this new course, and hope to be able to launch it, along with so many new freebies and articles in a month or two!

As ever, you can comment below with questions, issues or even your music 🙂

I read everything that gets posted!


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