Release your own music, build your fanbase or start your own record label easily and successfully.


You can get in touch with Alex at HTSR by emailing alex[at]howtoselfrelease.com

I am not interested in guest articles, “collaborating” on blog posts or any sponsored content you are trying to pitch to me. Those emails will be ignored, no matter how many times you “politely remind” me.

I’m not interested in “amazing affiliate opportunities” or having people pay me to put links into my blog posts. I get it – I have a reasonably high ranking website with some pages that are ranking for some decent keywords. I used to work in SEO. I know what you’re after, and it’s not going to happen.

Also, please do not send me your music at this email address.

If you’re about to send me music – stop.

“I just thought I’d send it to you” is not a good enough reason to send me your tunes.

If you don’t know what outlets I have to support your music, or what sort of music I would support, what podcast I host, what alias I produce under or any of this, then your track link will most likely get ignored.

Before you send someone music, you need to know what you want them to do with it – and for that, you need to know what I use to support music. If you want it played on my podcast, go to the podcast site and get in touch from there. If you want my feedback as an artist or for me to add it to mixes, go to my artist site and send me music via there.