Release your own music, build your fanbase or start your own record label easily and successfully.

Where do you even begin?

I’m guessing you’ve got some awesome music that you’re keen to get signed, so that you can build a nice, comfortably sized audience and start getting some album sales.

Maybe it’s your own music, maybe it’s someone else’s music that you think deserves some love.

How do you know where to begin?

Is it even possible to self-release effectively or start a decent label these days?

Well, I’ve been doing this stuff long enough to have made what feels like every mistake out there.

Major album flops, artwork errors, artist name typos, distribution nightmares and loads more (both as an artist and label).

But despite all that, I’m now able to say I have two record labels, a comfortable audience, and have been able to release my own music successfully on a number of labels including those that I run.

I’m also in a fortunate position, where people are keen to hear more from me and my labels, and I’ve been able to perform all over the world, run successful crowd-funding campaigns and get music onto blogs, in magazines, on major national radio stations and into the hands of big DJs like Sasha, Nick Warren and more.

You probably feel that starting a label or self-releasing is a confusing mess of futile promotion, late-nights and potential paperwork.

Maybe it’s only your friends that are buying your music. You might feel like it’s a real mission to convince others to take the plunge?

Maybe you just feel that self-releasing means no sales, no audience, and that it would be better to get signed to someone else’s label.

I disagree.

I can give you a complete overview to the self-releasing (and label-starting) process.

I can show you exactly what you need to do to effectively and successfully release music to the right audience.

  • Understand every step of the process from start to finish
  • Learn about how to set yourself up for success
  • Actually SELL your album to an audience who want to buy it
  • Beat the labels at their own game (even start your own!)
  • Reap the rewards of retaining full control

You’ve probably already been through my free course, which is a bit of a primer for this stuff, but I’ve been busting my balls for the past half a year to bring you something way bigger, and way better.

If you’ve not given the free course a look, then you can check it out and sign-up for free here.

Look out for another couple of posts from me over the next few days.

I’ve got something big coming your way!


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