Release your own music, build your fanbase or start your own record label easily and successfully.

Introducing: Build Your Fanbase

If you’re looking to build a fanbase, this might be the single most important blog post you ever read.

OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but still…

I ask everyone who joins my email list here at HTSR what the single, biggest, most important thing that they are worried about or trying to do when they are making or releasing music, and here’s what many of you said (these are actual quotes):

“I want to increase my fan base, but don’t know how to do it”
“I’m hoping to leverage my at least some of my followers into supporting my music when that time comes”
“how to get the best reach”
“maximum exposure”
“I would like to get a wider audience online”
“how can I generate more track sales?”
“My biggest concern is gaining an audience”
“I’m worried about how to get a decent chunk of people to hear my music”
“I want to be able to reach people outside my network who like my kind of music”
“I just want people to hear my music”
“I’m worried that I won’t be able to get my music ‘out there’ efficiently enough on my own.”
“People. Reach people. Lots of people.“
“I’m terrified that it’ll just be ignored once I release my music”
“I really want to grow a fan base so I can eventually make a living from this.”
“I want to get the music out to as many people as realistically possible”
“how can I build a fan base and get noticed”
“I’m hoping to get real listeners.”

As you can see, loads and loads of you are looking for the same thing: You want to build your fanbase.

Because of this, I have spent months and months putting together a brand new course (well… e-book really) which tackles EXACTLY that.

I am going to show you how to build your fanbase. (hooray)

You probably feel like you’re struggling to build your fanbase.

You also probably feel like your music is going unnoticed.

I expect even with followers, you’re stuck with how to turn your followers into buyers.

Maybe you’re l even looking for those first 1000 fans.

The solution is this:

Build Your Fanbase
Find fans, grow your audience and turn followers into buyers.

Most independent musicians are missing an obvious and simple way to grow their fanbase, engage with them easily and then turn those fans from free-streamers into eager buyers.

There’s a brilliant way to get your own easy system set up which will bring you targeted fans. You won’t even need a record label to get your music out there, when you’re done. You can just release music direct to your fans and keep all the profits.

Right now, loads of new musicians are missing out on hundreds and thousands of fans that they could be engaging with and turning into superfans.

Having this sort of thing set up and ready to rock means you’re not wasting time trying to release music on Bandcamp to nobody, or putting music onto Spotify and discovering nobody has listened to it.

Any questions – just shout!


Build Your Fanbase

Feel like your music is going unnoticed? Looking for your first 1000 fans? Want to turn those followers into buyers? Build Your Fanbase here.

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