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Find The Perfect Name For Your Record Label

I’m often asked about the name of one of my record labels, and the story behind it. The label is called Brightest Dark Place, and I’ll give you a short insight into why.

I knew the label would be releasing Nordic-style electronica and music that was spanning a number of dub-techno-influenced genres at the deep end of the spectrum.

I also knew the sounds would be similar to some of my favourite artists and producer duos Lulu Rouge, who were one of the main producers in my “inspirations” list.

There is a review of one of Lulu Rouge’s albums, which ends with the phrase “welcome to your brightest dark place.” and that stuck with me after reading it.

I loved the mention of light, the mention of darkness, the conflict that it conjures up in your mind, and after letting it digest for a few days, I thought I’d proceed with the name.

I made sure Lulu Rouge were OK with me using the name, and courteously they made some positive noises, so I pushed forward with the branding, safe in the knowledge that I had stumbled upon something perfect.

How did I get to the stage of finding the name in that review you ask?

Well I’ve had a number of exercises and rules for naming things in the past, which I’d like to share with you.

I’m working on a PDF guide which you will be able to get for free, so hang-tight!


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