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What's it all about,

Well, my name’s Alex, not Alfie, but that’s not important right now.

What is important, is that you’ve found an invaluable resource to help you release your own music, or start your own label.

How much of this sounds familiar?

Your music is great, but none of the labels you emailed are interested.

You want to help support the music you love, but don’t know where to start.

You’ve got this brilliant idea for a label but you’re not sure what you need to know.

You want to start a label, but you're struggling with a concept.

You’re worried about the ins and outs of releasing your own music.

You’re looking for exposure, and you don’t want to rely on other people.

You are not alone!
I am here to help you!


Take the stress out of releasing your own music

Releasing music can be daunting. Whether you want to release your own music for free, put your album on iTunes and Spotify, or run your own label to support the music you love.

There is no doubt that it helps to have a good, solid base of knowedge.

Information about the legalities, help with ideas, concepts, paperwork. Templates for contracts, agreements, lists of distributors, and all your available options laid out on the table, right from the very start.

That’s what this blog is here for. To give you the information, knowledge and key tools you need to release your own music, or start your own label.

About Alex

How To Self Release was started by Alex Cowles.

Alex is a music producer DJ, designer and label owner. He has been making and releasing music since 2006, and has owned and run 3 record labels since 2008.

As well as releasing his own EPs and albums on various other labels, he has self-funded his own releases, run Kickstarter campaigns for album projects, performed all over the UK, Europe and the USA, including beach parties in Puerto Rico, underground festivals in Belgium and boat parties in Latvia. His music has featured in computer games, documentaries, short films and he has received national press, been interviewed in numerous magazines and on blogs, and performed alongside some of electronic music’s biggest DJs and producers.

Alex currently runs two labels, one of which takes the form of an exclusive subscription model. He continues to produce music and release albums and EPs. He curates a regular podcast online, and has hosted an FM radio show. He has even organised successful events and parties in a country where he doesn’t speak the language.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Alex also finds time to co-run an electronic music blog and developing brand in The Baltics, his own music-discovery blog, a travel blog and web design and brand identity work for a number of clients all over the world.

To say he’s a busy chap would probably be something of an understatement.

Super helpful and well presented content with a significant amount of value backed with authority.

Martin Torres, Mariana Records