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I think I’ve lost my mind…

Yep, you read correctly. I think I’ve really lost it.

Remember that course that I created and launched last year?

“Successful Self Releasing: The Ultimate Guide To Getting Music Out There”

Well, it might be the cold weather, it might be the fact that Valentines is coming up and I love you all for being subscribers, or it might be that I have a brand new course about building a fanbase on the horizon, but…

I’ve decided to have a winter blow-out sale on the course.

  • The course I spent months and months creating.
  • The course that covers 10 giant units, and over 65 lessons
  • The course that includes catalogue, schedule, press-release and one-sheet templates, databases of contacts, youtube & soundcloud channels, distribution companies, mastering engineers and more.
  • The course that had partner deals, and discount codes worth the cost alone.
  • The course that used to cost $100


I’ve absolutely demolished the price.

You can get EVERYTHING that the original course included.

All the lessons, units, documents, templates and all that other good stuff, for less than half the price now.

Yeah – I know. Crazy.

For just $47 you can get it all, right now.

That’s almost 60% off.

This offer is only going to be available for a couple of weeks (possibly until my brain re-heats and I realise how daft this was!)



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